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Ms Teddy Bear, as manufacturer and wholesaler of teddy bears and stuffed animals, supplies hundreds different styles of stuffed animals. With 15 years of  experience, we
specialize in supply amusement parks, carnivals and crane operators, florists, gift stores with quality plush stuffed animals toys.
Our wild stuffed animals have black bear, tiger, lion, leopard. Zoo stuffed animals are monkey, elephant, giraffe, panda, raccoon, hippo. Farm stuffed animals are pig, dog, cow,
sheep, rabbit, duck, chicken. Sea animals are stuffed dolphin, whale, sea horse, seal.  We also carry jointed bear, which very few companies still sell this kind special teddy bear
currently. Joint bear has movable legs, arms and head. You can position jointed bear in different ways.
To be better serving our customers, all stuffed animals items online or on catalog you see are in stock. We have very large warehouse to stock all teddy bears and other stuffed
animals in spot, which means that we can ship these lovable plush stuffed animals toys right way.
We serve all levels of customers with all kinds of purposes. We carry various sizes as small as 4.25" and up to 50" of plush stuffed animals bears for any occasion.
Valentine is the biggest holiday for teddy bears. We have many kinds of valentine bears with heart and music. Flower and teddy bear are always the best combination for valentine
day. For Easter, we have colorful stuffed rabbits and sheep. When Mother’s day coming, there are “ I love you Mom” teddy bears waiting for you. Graduation teddy bears are most
important plush gifts for students each year. We have graduation bears and stuffed animals with diploma and signing pen. To serve our great country, July 4th has American flag
teddy bears. Next big holiday is Christmas, all people want to have some Christmas gifts. Stuffed animals and teddy bears are one of most popular gifts.
Ms teddy bear attends many shows yearly. We carry full line of stuffed animals and teddy bears to display at gift shows, merchandise shows and amusement park shows each
year. With buildup customers base, we are pleased to serve many wholesale customers who are in stuffed animal and teddy bear business.
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Our teddy bears and stuffed animals are for promotion,charity,school,hospital,flower shop,police department and many others who love plush animals.
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Ms Teddy Bear
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of teddy bears & personalized bears
With wholesale of natual color teddy bears and stuffed animals,MS teddy bear is a leading wholesaler online for 15 year's plush toy business.
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