closeout stuffed animals
closeout stuffed animals
purple monkey with tee
small teddy bear mix
9"-13" Closeout mix
$2.25 /each
Retail: $8.95
in stock
5"-7" Closeout mix
$1.25 /each
Retail: $3.95
in stock
24" Monkey
$1.95 /each
Retail: $6.95
in stock
4" Teddy bear, 24 min.
$0.55 /each
Retial: $1.50
in stock
Our closeout items include different stuffed animals. Many of them are teddy bears. These plush toys have good quality.
It is a budget way to make a gift for all purpose with this teddy bear and stuffed animal group.
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Our teddy bears and stuffed animals are for promotion,charity,school,hospital,flower shop,police department and many others who love plush animals.
ms teddy bear shows with many stuffed animals Personalized teddy bears and stuffed animals for promotion show
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With wholesale of natual color teddy bears and stuffed animals,MS teddy bear is a leading wholesaler online for 15 year's plush toy business.
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Teddy Bear section
Teddy bear 4" -8"
Teddy bear 9" -10"
Teddy bear 11" -13"
Teddy bear 14" -15"
Teddy bear 16" -19"
Teddy bear 20" & up
Embroidered  animals
Free shipping mix
Personalize section
Personalized $3
Personalized $4
Personalized $5
Personalized $6
Personalized $7
Personalize ribbon
Personalize tag
Personalize bag
Stuffed Animals
Stuffed animal mix
Dog,duck,pig (S100)
Monkey,panda (S200)
Tiger,lion,wild (S300)
Frog, rabbit  (S400)
Sea animals (S500)
Other animals (S600)
Mother's Day